Building an Executive Team to Manage Through Growth

A national mid-market company engaged Ironside to build out their Executive Team and begin working on standardizing best practices as their company was experiencing a record year of growth. 

Accelerating Hiring and Retention Through Process and Mentoring

Creating a talent pipeline was critical for a middle marketing organization experiencing high growth and struggling to recruit and retain team members quickly and successfully. 

Retention Strategies for Retaining Top Talent

Taking a pro-active approach to the war on talent, Ironside collaborated with leaders and ownership to develop a more robust and consistent performance management process. This included automating the process, integrating mid-year conversations, and the first formalized goal setting exercise done in tandem with the strategic plan initiative. 

Executive Coaching, Meeting Facilitation, Human Resources and Operational Best Practices Consulting

Ironside & Associates has worked with a Social Concerns for-profit education group for 8+ years as a consultant. In 4Q of 2016, the founders decided to step out of day-to-day operations and hired a VP of Operations.

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Executive Search, Executive Coaching, and Organizational Development

A client in the medical industry contacted Ironside & Associations for help with their company’s leadership succession. Their two founders had recently stepped down, and, in their place, hired an outside executive as CEO and elevated a long-term employee to the CFO role.

Executive Search - Family Business

The opportunity to lead a Family Business as a non-family executive is exciting, but it has unique challenges that need to be considered/communicated throughout the recruitment/searching.

Interim COO - Talent Acquisition and Organizational Development Resource

Ironside & Associates joined this organization as a consultant for 20 hours a week to oversee a system integration and hire additional resources for each of its business units.