Effective communication, clear roles and attainable goals drive engagement, accountability, and success. They also create a strong and vibrant culture.

Ironside coaches executive leaders to harness these important drivers of organizational success.


Strong teams value diversity of thought, develop each member’s strengths, and work to improve both hard and soft skills. Research shows that emotionally intelligent leaders have greater success building strong cultures and effective teams.

Ironside helps to crystalize and communicate organizational plans to increase engagement throughout the organization, helping people personally develop and understand how their personal contributions impact the organization’s success.


Motivated employees understand their companies’ strategic goals and can see how their work fits the greater whole. Culture is not cupcakes and coffee. An engaging culture comes from delivering results. It comes from winning in the marketplace and providing a runway for growth and meaningful contributions by your people. It comes from having transparency and trust throughout your team. A culture that creates a mutual success story for its employees, family shareholders, and customers is a great place to work.

Ironside believes motivation stems from measurement and accountability: measure production, measure engagement, challenge with stretch goals. Julie relishes the opportunity to work with Family Businesses to embed accountable processes and best practices that support their enterprise — she finds this important work meaningful, and she enjoys it.