A client in the medical industry contacted Ironside & Associations for help with their company’s leadership succession. Their two founders had recently stepped down, and, in their place, hired an outside executive as CEO and elevated a long-term employee to the CFO role. Ironside & Associates was hired to identify a CDO and a COO and provide executive coaching and organizational development assistance for the remote workforce, including a communication plan to ensure traveling teammates had opportunity to get to know one another and establish strong working relationships.

Ironside & Associates started the engagement by getting to know the new leadership team’s strengths and skill gaps using two assessments (Leadership Versatility Index and StengthsFinder) and providing one-on-one coaching for the team. After identifying the skills required of the new CDO and COO to complement the team, Ironside & Associates began the search process. Within months, both new hires – one an internal hire and the other an outside industry talent – accepted offers and are currently fully engaged in the 2018 strategic plan.

Ironside continues to engage with the CEO and CFO monthly for ongoing Organizational Development efforts and will be working with the VP and Director level leaders in 2018 to further their leadership development.

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