When a 20 million dollar privately held business grows 25%, there can be some significant stress on the organizational infrastructure. When they are also implementing a major system change initiative, there needs to be incredible, constant and accountable communication.

Ironside & Associates joined this organization as a consultant for 20 hours a week to oversee a system integration and hire additional resources for each of its business units.

The resourcing of the business units went well. Ironside was able to promote from within to the director level and bring in associate level talent and onboard them successfully. Both new hires were trained and prepared to receive their portfolio of clients in advance of the expected hand off.

The systems integration quickly became a larger project, as the expectations that were “sold” to the organization in terms of implementation timing seemed to be misaligned or misunderstood. The internal stakeholders grew weary, and additional resources were needed to drive the initiative home. Ironside worked to communicate with the vendor, management and project leads to provide solutions to the issues as they arose. Some of the implementation solutions included the use of interns, the engagement of a staffing firm, and identification of external vendors. Ironside also hired a new department leader, and this individual possessed the behaviors and skill set to partner with the President and team to complete the project.

Growth continued throughout the year, and the original team has grown with six new members, including a new tier of management (directors) to allow the two owners and new Executive to spend time on the strategic plan and organizational growth, as opposed to daily operations.

Ironside remains engaged two days a month to help drive quarterly reporting meetings, to promote communication and accountability, as well as other cultural initiatives including customer and client satisfaction tools.

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