Founder & Principal Consultant


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Julie’s executive experience and specialized human resources training equip her to counsel C-suite executives on any matters that rely on people to succeed – She is a valuable consultant across business strategy, organizational process, and culture. Her high level of emotional intelligence and well-honed communication skills give Julie the ability to engage all levels of an organization with clarity and impact.

In addition to more than 15 years’ experience as a Family Business executive and consultant, Julie serves as adjunct faculty at Loyola Family Business Center at Loyola University of Chicago. Her deep expertise in aligning performance and recognition processes to company priorities has garnered the best outcomes for both the individual and the entity. Julie brings a holistic and thought-provoking approach, paired with expert knowledge to help great leaders build successful companies.

Julie’s ability to draw on her additional experiences and educational background as a teacher, managing partner, and mom/sister/wife in two huge families has helped her learn to communicate effectively with the families and organizations she serves.

Julie holds a master’s degree in human resources and organizational development from Loyola University of Chicago – Graduate School of Business, and a bachelor’s degree in education from Iowa State University. She is accredited by Human Synergistics International in Organizational Effectiveness Inventory® (OEI), Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI), Hogan Leadership, DISC profiles, Gallup, The Leadership Versatility Index, and Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coaching Institute.