Ironside was built to help organizations in the Midwest and Great Lakes area evolve, realize their full potential, and achieve growth goals. Learn about our proven approach:


Ironside brings focused expertise to help Family Businesses define their values and develop their leaders; that will drive long-term success in the marketplace. Working closely with executives to design strategic organizational development plans and succession plans, Ironside drives company-wide transparency and growth, while developing the people side of the business in tandem with internal human resources teams. Working with Julie provides HR leaders a mentor, she can act as a fractional CHRO to help your HR teams innovate and implement people strategies that work for your organization.

Engaged individuals advance a company's vision faster, and create a supportive environment where goals are attainable. Julie’s direct style, business acumen, and executive HR experience enable effective partnerships with executive leadership to help crystallize, communicate, and create accountability around organizational plans. It works. Research has shown that motivated employees become more engaged when they understand their companies’ strategic goals and can see how their work fits the greater whole.


Ironside provides strategic counsel to help C-Suite decision-makers and leaders create system-wide change. Change Management Consulting is our specialty. And because there is not a single change initiative that does not require people to succeed, Julie’s broad Family Business background and grounding in human resources are integral to her expert counsel. All change management initiatives are dependent on talent: people must believe there is a need and want to be a part of the change. Change initiatives are how a company can truly evolve its culture.

Ironside helps businesses evaluate and integrate necessary changes that prepare their organizations for the future. By understanding the complexities and nuances that founders of family-owned or privately held businesses face, Julie builds trust and establishes buy-in that positively impact results.


Ironside provides seasoned individualized counsel to help Family Business executives find the unique leadership style that best fits their company’s vision. Julie’s platform and long-term approach start with listening. She asks questions to help clients identify areas of concern and opportunities for improvement. 360-degree feedback jumpstarts most efforts, providing real-time data and the perspectives of the team – the people who matter most to any leader’s success.

The process is not formulaic. Rather, Julie’s approach leverages deep industry knowledge and certifications from multiple assessment tools as well as Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Coaching, as well as finely-honed emotional intelligence to provide targeted and comprehensive leadership coaching and training. Her view across 100s of Family Businesses and leaders, along with her work as a facilitator for Peer Advisory Groups and adjunct faculty at Loyola Family Business Center, brings depth and wisdom to each executive Julie coaches.