Ironside & Associates has worked with a Social Concerns for-profit education group for 8+ years as a consultant. In 4Q of 2016, the founders decided to step out of day-to-day operations and hired a VP of Operations. Ironside & Associates was asked to coach this new executive on historical processes and perspectives (how did we get here), as well as help facilitate staff and leadership meetings to transition from the past behavior and style of the founders to a more formal, professional style, to create an organization that can remain sustainable for years to come. Ironside & Associates worked with the new leader to create content for annual leadership retreats, staff retreats and conferences and develop boundaries around founder’s engagement in day-to-day operations. Ironside also helped the new VP implement or improve several HR practices, including a new performance management process, benchmarking of jobs, new employment agreements, benefit selection, and benchmarking. 2018 initiatives include bringing more rigor to the merit increase process, communication around bonus parameters, and coaching around owner engagement and re-investment. Ironside will continue to support these efforts by spending two days a month facilitating leadership and staff meetings, as well as being an executive resource to the leadership team and founders. To learn more about executive coaching or other services, contact us today.