A growing organization wanted to ensure they could retain talent and maintain their unique and inclusive culture through the 2020-2021 years of the COVID pandemic.

Taking a pro-active approach to the war on talent, Ironside collaborated with leaders and ownership to develop a more robust and consistent performance management process. This included automating the process, integrating mid-year conversations, and the first formalized goal setting exercise done in tandem with the strategic plan initiative.

The organization’s turnover was static – 7% in 2021 – due in part to new initiatives including a “loyalty bonus” program and a robust training program that boosted engagement.

A training program for all individuals had over 60% of the team participate in a round table discussion. Salary bands were introduced, and a formalized merit increase process that allowed the organization to reward top performers. Ironside also instituted a semi-annual market rate study using multiple sources to establish baseline salaries during 2021.

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