Ironside believes in fully understanding each client’s business, how they succeed, their position in the marketplace, their people and culture. That is the only way a consultant can understand and address the challenges Family Businesses face. Ironside listens, to understand concerns and understand the desired vision/state. And once that destination is clear, Ironside communicates to help the entire team get there.


Ironside clients know Julie will do the right thing, even when information is difficult to hear, she will share her thoughts and findings. Impartial, outside perspective helps identify areas for improvement and change, and insights shared through honest dialogue help deliver great results.


Julie understands the unique dynamics of a Family Business. She has worked as a Family Business executive and recognizes the nuances family leaders must navigate to engage shareholders. Ironside works to honor the values, history, and hard work of the founder and past generations, serving as a keeper of the mission and protector of the business while guiding decisions for the long-term profitability of the entity.